About us

About us, our shoes history and riding boots

About us, our shoes history and riding boots About us, our shoes history and riding boots


Francesco Lozano Shoes is a very small company with 30 years old experience in the world of handmade shoes. The fathers of nowadays master cobbler start in this fashionable world of shoes in his small warehouse in Portugal, well known as one of the best places where quality of shoes become most important thing than only a famous brand.

Now his son continue creating new and traditional models of ones of the best and well done shoes around the world you will find.

With the best materials and leathers we do the best and comfortable shoes only for you, creating each pair as a genuine work of art.

Most of our clients around the world repeat them experience of wearing a pair of shoes done from our master cobbler.

We can supply you all you need, our standard shoes, or special measures shoes just sending us a shape of your feet, we don't have any problem in doing special shoes for people that have problems in his feet.

Our artisans will make you shoes under order especially for you, making your dream come true, and when you wear our work of art you will feel a new experience step by step.


LOZANO RIDING BOOTS, from Lozano Shoes starts on June 2013, this branch is only for doing riding boots only mane to measure for each horse riders.

Our specialism is to make our products unique and exclusive with the best quality a client can expect, leaving each rider choos colors, textures, hardness and quality calf leathers.

In Our workshop, We  choose the best leathers, we cut, sew and assemble them, after this process become a pair of boots that characterize us for their comfort and fit to your measurements.

Francesco Lozano.




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